Housekeeping Services

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In industry reports, cleanliness is consistently ranked within the top three factors guests consider when choosing where to stay for their vacation.  San Diego Resort Rentals' Housekeeping Service is a team of experienced, honest and accountable housekeepers and inspectors trained and continually educated in germ killing and the newest cutting edge home care trends.  Our team members are crucial to our success stories. San Diego Resort Rentals Housekeeping Services knows this winning combination ensures both our owners and our guests a clean, positive experience and a pleasantly successful rental program.

Prior to arrival, your home is white-glove inspected for cleanliness and prepared for your or your guests by our housekeeping services team.  Upon arrival, we walk through each home with our guests, ensuring there are no outstanding cleanliness or maintenance issues before check-in is complete.  Because we get to know our guests prior to arrival, our housekeeping services team may add a special touch - folding towels into animal shapes for the children's bathrooms; stocking additional beach toys for large groups.  Nightly turn-down, mid-stay laundry and housekeeping services are offered, as well as dry-cleaning, steaming, and specialty garment and linen care. 


After your guest depart, a qualified San Diego Resort Rentals Inspector will inspect your home, take inventory and report anything missing, damaged or needing special attention, cleaning or repairs. Our Inspection Program allows any unfortunate damages to be caught right away and also hold the appropriate party responsible.

Does your property need our Clean Team? 
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