Common Questions about Vacation Rental Homes


At San Diego Resort Rentals, we go above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of our guests and owners. When you finally get away, you'll feel less frazzled if you've done your homework and asked the right questions. We believe you should know the following before you book ANY vacation rental, although we would always like to see you in one of ours! 

Before you book...

Don't pay a cent until you confirm the following!:

  • How to contact the manager

  • How and when payments are due

  • How and when to check in and out

  • How and when your deposit(s) will be refunded

  • The cancellation policy

  • Ask if there are additional fees, such as for bringing a pet, using the pool, or cleaning.

  • If you have young children, ask whether the property has physical features that might pose a safety threat, such as a loft with a ladder or a high deck with minimal railings.

The answers to these questions and more are listed on this page.

How early can I reserve a vacation home with you?

We advise you to plan ahead bookings may be confirmed up to one year in advance. If you frequently vacation in San Diego, set aside time to tour our properties and get a jump on next year's reservation.

When is the best time to visit?

Rates may vary at our properties depending on the season. Peak times usually include summer months, July 4th, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays and during large conventions and events (i.e. Comic-Con, Del Mar Racing Season). Discounts may be offered for short-term bookings, non-summer months and seasonal specials. Our online property calendar reflects these rates.

How do I know the property will look like the pictures?

Each of our properties are hand-selected to ensure the best experience for our guests and owners. We can gladly arrange personalized property tours if you are in the area prior to your arrival.

During your initial Warm Welcome meet-and-greet at the property, we ask you to let us know if there is any question we've left unanswered prior to turning over the keys. If the property does not meet the online representation or more, we will provide a better suited property or refund. References and guest reviews are available on our website, and we can gladly provide additional information for your peace of mind.

In addition to our commitment of professionalism and quality, San Diego Resort Rentals offers travel insurance for purchase.   With travel insurance, your trip is up to 100% refundable in case of cancellation due to emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances.

Is my vacation home pet-friendly?

Many of our vacation homes are pet-friendly at the discretion of the property owner. Pets may require an additional cleaning and or damage deposit. Be sure to check with our property management team if you plan to bring Fido along!

I am traveling with children. Is the area/property suited for us?

Our vacation homes are a favorite for family travel to San Diego. Be sure to ask about your specific property when you book some may feature view platforms with minimal railing, infinity edge pool decks, etc. which may pose a threat for unsupervised children. Our beach vacation homes are fully stocked, near the popular attractions, and ready for family fun in the San Diego sun!

Is the kitchen stocked? Are there towels? What is included with my rental?

Each property has a variety of amenities, and it is best to ask your property manager or Welcome Host if you have specific needs. All kitchens are fully stocked with everyday china, flatware, glasses, cookware and serving utensils in addition to non-perishable kitchen staples. All rentals provide toiletries, bath towels, hand towels, washcloths and beach towels for each guest. Extra pillows and blankets are provided, and convertible beds can also be arranged. We also provide paper goods, trash bags and cleaning supplies to help you maintain your home between housekeeping service. Games, movies, pool/beach toys, bikes and other items are available at each property for entertainment (offerings vary by location).

What time can we arrive? When do we check out?

Check in time is after 3pm. We will do our best to inform you of traffic or holiday conditions that may affect travel from your destination. Check out time is usually by 11am.

How do we check out? Is there anything we should do before we leave?

Nothing erases a restful getaway more quickly than a mad dash to put things to rights before you depart. Avoid this by knowing the chores you need to check off before you head home. Some of our owners have specific requests, and we'll address these in our Warm Welcome meet-and-greet. Make sure you know the following before you depart your San Diego area vacation rental:

Should you strip beds?

Take out garbage and recycling?

Where should you leave keys?

Plan ahead for this, and you'll come home feeling refreshed instead of frenzied.

Will my deposit be refunded?

We require a security deposit to reserve your booking, making it unavailable on our property calendar to others. This deposit is contributed toward the total rental amount owed for your stay, and will not be refunded. Additional deposits for cleaning, pets, and/or damage will be returned no later than two weeks after check out, and only upon the property being returned in the condition it was rented.

Who should we contact in case of emergency?
A list of emergency contacts and area information is provided in each of our properties. You will have telephone and internet access at your property, and our 24-Hour On-Call Service team is always ready to assist.

Why San Diego Resort Rentals?

San Diego Resort Rentals offers a commitment to professionalism and quality that not many property managers can match. San Diego Resort Rentals is a wholly bonded and insured Better Business Bureau approved business, TripAdvisor member and active in our neighborhoods as a member of the San Diego Convention & Visitor's Bureau, Vacation Rental and Housekeeping Service Association and other organizations. Our professionals have a combined quarter-century of experience in travel and tourism, including travel management, hotel sales and operations, resort services and event planning with renowned properties and organizations worldwide.

Beyond our experience, San Diego Resort Rentals offers a deeper commitment to the owner and guest than standard booking services and agents. We like to keep it local,and all of our properties have hands-on staff in the area dedicated to meet your immediate needs. Our personalized access to every single property in our portfolio allows us to give our full attention to your San Diego area vacation rental. This also gives us the local edge on booking trends, what-to-do, area offerings and more.

Our owner services are highly personalized. We recognize the individuality of your San Diego rental, and work hard to fulfill our owners' requests. Our household services are not outsourced we personally oversee the cleaning and maintenance, groceries, supplies and other needs, managing the home as if we were the homeowner, responding to issues as they arise and keeping you worry-free.

We'll ask for your business, and work hard to keep it!