Property Maintenance Services

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Beach homes require additional maintenance and upkeep to oppose the harsher outdoor elements.  Salty sea air, sand, water and sun are damaging elements for a home.  Without the right property maintenance services, your home may suffer.  San Diego Resort Rentals offers property maintenance services like a local caretaker would handling routine maintenance, responding to emergencies, and offering suggestions to protect your asset.            

San Diego Resort Rentals will make sure your house is safe and sound and in good working order with regular inspections - whether your home has been occupied or not.  We realize peak season is when you use your home the most repairs during peak times can be most disappointing and costly.  Off-season maintenance, such as tree trimming, circuit breaker and fire alarm tests, exterior hosing and grading inspections can save costly future repairs.  We offer seasonal property maintenance services and plans, acting as your eyes and ears with prevention of future emergencies in mind.  At San Diego Resort Rentals, we care about our work, and we do it right.

Our 24/7 on-call team of licensed, bonded contractors including plumbers, electricians, painters and handymen and professionals lets you rest assured San Diego Resort Rentals has your property maintenance services needs met.  Here is an overview of property maintenance services we provide:

         Painters & Handyman


         Electricians and Lighting Design

         Arborists, landscape design and gardening

         Pool & Spa

         Pest Control

         Mattress Cleaning

         Off-season Weatherproofing

         Security and home access control

         Vacation rental planning and design, interior and exterior home care

Our property maintenance services team is able to suggest the best finishes, fabrics and floor plans to maximize your space for guests.  We will keep the home schedules for rotation of soft goods, seasonal amenities, deep cleaning, and ongoing planning & design for the best use of your vacation home.  San Diego Resort Rentals' property maintenance services stand in on your behalf and manage the obligations. You sit back and relax.